After getting up early for the first time in a week, I somehow found myself in the midst of a debate about the Twilight series with my best friend. Which is odd, for many reasons.

For one, my best friend is a 24 year-old male, a little rough around the edges and by no means a guy I can picture sitting down with a copy of Twilight, swooning over Bella and Edward trying to get their seemingly impossible romance on the road.

And as it turns out, he wasn’t. He has read the books, but unlike me – sighing and hoping and pleading for their love to find a way – Seb once again surprised me by picking through all the nonsensical bull crap and coming up with the ultimate conclusion. In his words;

“Bella is a fucking idiot. YOU would be the first one to call her out on it, if she were to be a real person.”

I have to admit, I got defensive. If only just a little. Truth be told, I can identify with Bella. After all, I fell in love with a guy who lived an ocean and some states away. And although he’s very much alive, there were certainly things to overcome. To which Seb replied;

“No no, not that. I’m talking about the whole Edward-Bella-Jacob debacle. Cause here’s this guy that picks her up after her boyfriend left her in the woods to be eaten by bears and gives her a little faith in life again, telling her he loves her just the way she is and that she wouldn’t have to change. Yet she chooses this moody bipolar fellow who does nothing but make decisions for her and complicate her life.”

At which I cocked my head to the side and thought, Hm..

The guy’s got a point there. And the longer I thought about it, the more I realized that I would indeed kick Bella’s ass should she be a friend of mine.

Funny, how that works.