No white Christmas for us this year. Can’t say I’m too disappointed. For the past few years, we had horrible heaps of snow. If I was still a child that probably would’ve been as exciting as hell, but now that I’m a grown-up (well, sorta) and have to go places… Not so much.

This never seems to be a problem in places where they actually expect snow. But since the Netherlands rarely do, our government decided they might as well cut back on the budget for snow-related emergencies and whatnot. Of course, that same exact year we got the motherload of snow. Result: the buses couldn’t drive, the trains couldn’t go anywhere and if you had to take a plane somewhere… well, tough. And while the government was picking a whole bouquet of oopsie-daisies, Holland seemed to be literally frozen in time while the rest of the world laughed.

Next year, same deal. Although not so much with the snow as the ice. They ran out of rock salt and left the elderly skidding around the neighbourhood. I think a lot of hips were broken that year.

This year we were all dreaming of a white dry Christmas, and we got what we wanted .

How was your Christmas?