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all grown up

As I got up yesterday morning at 8am, following a night of not-so-heavy drinking but that still gave me a nice white wine hangover (don’t you hate those?) and put on my rain boots and poncho to go walk my dog in the rain, I finally realized: This has got to be the downside of having a dog.

Given, my mom warned me about this ever since I started nagging her for a dog since the age of.. oh, say.. 9? I managed to bribe her into letting me have cats when I was 16, but only because I was sad cause I had been sick for a long time, had to spend 2+ weeks in the hospital and repeat a year in school.

I won’t have any friends in that year!” I wailed.
To which my mom replied:“Well, what would make you feel better?
And I responded: “A cat

In my defence, she should have seen that one coming.

So I got Fi, who would later in her life be renamed Fitler because she was an evil cat, and two weeks later Max, because I convinced my mother it was cruel to have only one cat – it would get lonely.

She should have seen that one coming, too.

Two years later, after Fitler had passed, I brought home a kitten from my then-boyfriend’s farm without telling her first, with the excuse they were going to drown it (and they were really going to drown it) if we didn’t find a home for it. Of course, I didn’t look for a home for it – I wanted to keep it myself. We named it Ephram, which later became Effi when we found out that she was a girl (when Max impregnated her and she gave birth to two babies on our living room floor).

But my mother never budged when it came to letting me have a dog.

Not until I adopted Ginny in Texas, anyway. One picture and she was sold. I had the green light to bring her back with me to Holland.

And standing in the rain, hungover and tired, I realized she was right in not letting me have a dog all those years. I wouldn’t have taken care of it the way I should, and she would’ve had to step in and do it instead.

Then I realized: Dang, I’m all grown up now. Here I am, taking care of a living creature and actually managing to keep it alive, putting her needs before my own (which would be sleep…). Just one of those little reminders that you are now in fact an adult.

When was the last time something made you realize that you’re an adult?

And just like that…

I dropped a hundred bucks on underwear . I did not see this coming… I really was just looking for a decent pair of pajamas. At home I usually sleep in an old top and underwear, but I thought that might not be very appropriate sleepwear in a hospital . Couldn’t find a good pair, though, so I “settled” for underwear. It was all so pretty… I had to give it a good home!

And this is part 4 of my week of win. Before the huge underwear extravaganza, I won a raffle on Bliss, some bucks in the ‘real life’ lottery and best of all… Jay is touching down on Dutch soil barely a week from now, and will be staying about two months! Considering Plan A was for him to visit for just a week in January, Plan B is so, so much better. I can’t even find the words to express how extremely psyched I am

Holy crap, how did I get this lucky?

I never said i was smart

I spent the larger part of the morning figuring out why the F my speakers weren’t working. This included restarting my computer twice, unplugging everything and plugging it in again, vacuuming the inside, outside and surroundings of my computer & putting it back together again. All in all I spend around 2,5 hours fiddling around with it, and I still didn’t manage to fix the problem. So by the time Seb came over to watch a movie, I was pretty pissed.

Then Seb takes one look at the computer, looks pensive, and says: “I think I know what’s wrong with it.”

To which I reply, utterly relieved: “You do?

“Yes, I’ve had this happen to me once.”

“Well, can you fix it?”

“Oh, I don”t know… It’s pretty tricky, but I’ll try.”

*Seb unplugs headphones from computer*

I felt so dumb. It’s shit like this that makes me wonder how I ever made it to university. I have no idea how I managed to not notice that my headphones were plugged in, because a) I basically took my computer apart, b) managed to unplug everything else, and c) my headphones are huge.

When’s the last time you felt like a moron?

Thank you

You know you have a great best friend when he lets you try out foundation on him cause you want to buy it as a gift for a female friend who has the exact same skin tone. Especially when there are tons of people watching, and you forgot that foundation can be tested out on the palm of the hand, so you’re smearing it all over his face.

Me: What do you think, Jack?
Jack: I think he needs blush.
Seb: Fuck you, I’m pretty!


Mind you, said female friend actually put this on her wish list. It’s not like I go around giving makeup to people, gently suggesting that they need it. Those gifts are not always appreciated. I remember when my neighbor once gave me soap for my birthday. Not some luxurious shower gel – no. An honest to God bar of soap. I recall saying thank you, but I also recall that in my mind I was going “Do I smell bad? Are my hands dirty? Am I… etc.” (Turned out she gave me the soap with the best of intentions. She knew I love everything that has a green apple scent, and this was the only thing she could find. Oh, and she also gave me a gift card for a bookstore.)

Which makes me wonder… Have you ever gotten a gift you were secretly (or openly) offended by?

On why i dont have my best friends on facebook

In a world that seems to have accepted Facebook as its leader, I feel like I have to explain myself on this one. Because no, I don’t “have” my best friends on FB. Very consciously so, because that site makes you lazy.

If it’s a good friend’s birthday, I want to pick up the phone and actually call them to say congratulations – or better yet, go over there. If someone lands a job, a good grade or accomplishes anything that they’re proud of, I want to be proud of them too, instead of hitting the like button and be done with it.

Who of you has ever had this conversation?

Me: Guess what happened to me?
Other person: You’ve [insert random something here]. I saw it on Facebook!

… It just takes the surprise out of life.

At least for me. I’m not saying that it’s the same for everyone, or that my way is right and others are wrong. It’s just that, for me, this works.

Also, FB makes me paranoid. If I ask someone a question, and a few moments later there’s a status update from said someone saying something like “Gawd some people are dumb”, I immediately start to wonder if it is me that they are referring too. I don’t ever want to wonder about that with my friends.

That said, I do have my boyfriend on there. In part because he added me way before we were a couple. I don’t think we were even talking on a regular basis at that point. And now that we are, I fear that if I would “defriend” him, people would tumble all over me wanting to know what happened with me and James.

Which makes me wonder… Do you have your own Facebook “rules”?


Last night, when I was lying in bed watching Air Crash Investigation on National Geographic (one of my many guilty pleasures), I had a rather sudden epiphany. Want to know what it was? Well, it was this:

My life is pretty awesome.

I don’t know why this came to me while watching airplanes fall out of the sky, because I wasn’t thinking “Dear God. Thank goodness that is not me.” Nevertheless, it did. And for a moment I just lay there smiling, summing up all the great aspects of my life in my head.

That is, until my dog poked her nose in my eye and I was focussed on that for a second or two.

But the truth remains the same. I have a wonderful family which, albeit being small, feels like a warm blanket. And then there’s this beautiful guy who loves being a part of it. School is going well, I’m studying what I love. I have friends I can trust and confide in. I’m doing good health-wise. I have this dog that shows me nothing but love (in her own weird little way) and two cats that curl up next to me when I watch TV (unless when the dog wants to be in that exact spot and lies down on top of them). My days are full, and I am content.

Now tell me, How do you feel about your life?

home is where your groceries won’t bankrupt you

Forgive me Blogland, for I have sinned. It’s been I don’t even know since my last post. Then again, I had other things to occupy my time with and I still make it a rule to live my life offline, not on it. That, and being in America was confusing to me in more ways than one. Some of my experiences threw me off kilter in ways I never held possible. Some positive, others negative – but all real. I’m thankful for all of them; I think they gave me an opportunity to learn more about myself and what I want out of life. Part of me really believes that sometimes you need to be completely cut off from your normal life to rediscover yourself, and what other people mean to you. I did… and I’m grateful.

That said; MAN are the groceries expensive in America! No wonder everyone is broke. Even with the Euro to Dollar currency advantage that I had, I spent more on groceries there than I ever have in any other country. On top of that, even the ‘fresh’ products didn’t taste very fresh either – at least to me. Maybe the Netherlands have spoiled me vegetable-wise, I don’t know. All I can say is that food-wise I’m very glad to be back home.

…And I took someone with me! No, unfortunately not James… But meet our dog!


Cute, no? Her name is Ginny, and she’s a 27-week-old “Sheprador”. No, I didn’t know that was a word either. But apparently these Labrador Retriever and Australian Shepherd mixes are fairly popular these days. I wouldn’t know, though, I picked her for her personality. We adopted her from the San Antonio Humane Society, and dropped close to 700 Dollars on veterinarian bills since July 10th. On top of the vaccinations she needed to be treated for Giardia (a parasite) and Demodex (a mite). She still has the Demodex, which resulted in bald spots on her nose and legs, but I’ve been told it’s a slow process, and I’ll see her through it even if it costs me ten years and 700 bucks more. We love her all the same . She’s doing much better in semi-cold and windy Holland than she did in boiling Texas, and enjoys running in place while I hold her back on the leash with all my weight. We start Doggy School September 6th


First, I’m happy to report that I have no cavities . I’m still a little amazed every time she tells me I have non. I used to live on soda in high school, and that’s pretty much the worst thing you can do to your teeth (or so I’ve been told), so in the past I usually had at least one a year. Than I banned soda out of my life about two years ago, along with the heaps of sugar I used to put in my tea and coffee, and I’ve been cavity-free ever since. I love it when I do something for my health and it actually works, haha! She also made a new casting (or impression, my English is failing today) of my teeth, so I’ll get a new mouth guard this Wednesday when I go in for my teeth cleaning

Then there’s all the insurance stuff I had to take care of, which was a little depressing to say the least. I guess it’s essential to have good travel insurance, especially when you’re flying British Airways, which managed to lose the luggage of a friend of mine on three separate occasions . Since I have to switch planes twice, I’m pretty much asking for it… Which is why I have decided to pack some extra underwear in my carry-on bag, ha. But there were also scenario’s like flying my body back to Holland should I die, etc. which I really rather not have thought about. I felt a bit blah after I specified everything for the insurance company.

Then there’s the insurance that covers the costs should I accidentally burn James’ house down or cause a major accident with my Dutch way of crossing streets (step on to street trusting that the cars will stop). I called the company that covers me in Holland, where me and my mom are insured as a family, or so I thought… Turns out I wasn’t in their system because they had assumed my mom and I had the same last name. We don’t. Oops. Anyway, long story short: I’m now insured for that, too.

In the midst of all that I managed to finish my research paper and portfolio, both around 40 pages long… Hopefully they’re both good enough for me to pass the courses. Which I think they are, but you can never be sure. Now all that’s left school-wise are two finals, which I’m feeling fairly confident about, and then I’ll finally have summer vacation, too!

Lists, Lists, lists

Who knew going on vacation was so much work? I sure didn’t. Maybe because the last time I went on a real vacation was when I was 14 and we went to Egypt (and by “real” vacation I mean going to a country that doesn’t share a border with the Netherlands). I’m pretty sure my mom took care of everything back then. Sigh.

So far, I’ve:
– Applied for an ESTA (and it was approved).
– Got earplugs for on the plane
– Bought summer clothes

But I still have to:
– Got travel insurance
– Get vaccinated for god knows what (June 16th)
– Go to the dentist to check for cavities (tomorrow)
– Go in again for a teeth cleaning (June 15th)
– Go back to the jaw surgeon for a check up after they prescribed me muscle relaxants
– Get my mouth guard for teeth grinding adjusted

… When I just read that I realized it looks like I have horrible teeth It’s not that bad, actually It’s just one appointment after the other because I will be gone for two months and don’t want any trouble in the US.

As for the summer clothes, so far I have:
– 3 dresses
– 2 pair of shorts
– around 15 shirts that are either sleeveless or short sleeved.
– 2 skirts
– 5 pair of ballerina shoes

That should get me started 😛 I’m sure I’ll shop a lot in Texas as well.

Yay, Ascension Day!

In the midst of all the craziness that has been going on since I last blogged, I totally spaced on the fact that today is Ascension Day. Since I’m not a Christian, that doesn’t hold a lot of meaning for me, but a semi-unexpected free day is always nice! Too bad all the stores are closed, though… Otherwise I definitely would have gone shopping.

Instead, I spent the day reading in the sun and drinking iced vanilla lattes. My hope was to get a little tan going on but I should have realized that wasn’t going to happen sporting SPF 40… Oh, well.

I promised myself I wouldn’t do any schoolwork today and so far I haven’t, which is a huge accomplishment for me I’ve been a little school-obsessed lately since the semester is coming to an end, and so I made myself take the day off.

Only 34 days until I leave for Texas!

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