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A Guide to Children Teeth Care

One thing that sets great families apart from the rest is that they care for the future of their children. You want the best for your children, good carers, good families, a strong self-esteem. A great smile can help your child achieve all of these. It is well known that more attractive people get better jobs and have higher self-esteem.

You can make sure that your child gets a good start on all of these by giving them the best chance at having a healthy mouth. It shouldn’t be teaching them when they are old enough to start brushing on their own either.

A good San Clemente Dentist will be able to give you good advise on when to start teaching your child proper oral hygiene.

Steps to Healthy Teeth for Your Child

1). Start before they are born. Make sure to have a healthy diet well you are still pregnant with your child. A good diet of calcium and vitamin D will give your child a great start with strong bones and teeth.

2). After your child is born and before they have teeth try not to give them to much sugar. This includes not dipping their pacifiers in honey or other things with sugar in them. Also, try and avoid putting your child to bed with a bottle. Bottled milk has some sugars in them, this is not bad but you don’t want your child sucking on that all night.

3). After your child has grown teeth make sure to brush and floss their teeth for them. When they are old enough teach them proper technique. Brushing for two minutes and flossing are important to keep teeth healthy and gums strong.

4). When they are old enough to brush and floss on their own supervise them so that they will maintain good oral hygiene for the rest of their life.

That’s it! Follow these simple steps and your child will be off to a great start.

Visit to find our more about child oral health care.

Last day of the year

It’s the last day of 2011, and I’m sitting here thinking about New Year’s resolutions. I never was one for the resolutions, but I realized I have a whole list of them now – the Day Zero Project (or 101 in 1001, as some know it )

It’s funny how a little list can make you more motivated to go out and do stuff. For instance, I didn’t really feel like enrolling my dog in a flyball course, because it was outdoors and winter was just around the corner. Then I remembered it was one of my goals and went ahead and did it anyway. I’ve been freezing my butt off a few times, but other than that I’m really happy that I did. I knew that when I got home again I would just turn on my trusty space heater and warm my toes (and my butt) quickly. Turns out my dog is an amazing ‘flyballer’ and absolutely loves it. As for myself, I got to know a bunch of awesome people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Others are based on things I do anyway, like reading, writing and sending postcards through Postcrossing (it’s fun, you should check it out!). Yet, making a goal out of them makes me that much more motivated to actually keep up with it. In a little less than two months I’ve read 7 books, sent out 25 postcards and written 22 blogs (23 if you count this one). I’m sure that without my ‘little’ list of goals, it would only be half that amount (or less).

So yes, I’m happy I started this thing again, after my website died earlier this year

Want to share some of your resolutions?

50 QP; How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

This is such a tough question to answer for me, because I feel like it depends on what aspect of my life you’re looking at. For instance, school-wise, I feel about 19. After high school I started out as a Journalism student, decided I didn’t like it, studied Hebrew and Aramaic Languages and Cultures for a year, quit that, worked for a year and finally went with Psychology. I love Psychology, but I’m only in my second year. So when it comes to school, I feel a bit younger than my 22 years.

Health-wise, I feel like… oh, say… 87? With what I have it’s hard not to, at least on the days I can’t walk three steps without being out of breath. I’m hoping it will change soon, when they’ve come up with a decent treatment plan, but for now I definitely feel like an old lady on some days.

And then there’s the relationship/starting a family aspect, in which I guess I’m about 30. I want kids, and not 8 years from now, more like 3. I don’t like to go out clubbing all night and ‘hooking up’, and if a guy doesn’t feel the same way… Well I have no use for him .

So yea… Different aspects, different ages. Then again, isn’t that the case for everyone?

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