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The DaY HAS come

Cutting off my hair today. Not all of it, obviously, but there will be a lot of hair on the floor at the hair salon this afternoon.

I’ve been growing my hair out for a year and a half now, because I was under the impression that I wanted long hair. Now that I actually have it, I realize I really don’t. Too much work goes into it making it look good, and I’m sick of it. I just don’t have to time to wash, dry and straighten it every morning, so most of the time I just pin it back and be done with it.

That, and all the expensive products I need to keep it from looking like rope are slowly bankrupting me.

It’s halfway down my back now, and in a few hours it’ll be just under my chin.

I’m excited!


Last night, when I was lying in bed watching Air Crash Investigation on National Geographic (one of my many guilty pleasures), I had a rather sudden epiphany. Want to know what it was? Well, it was this:

My life is pretty awesome.

I don’t know why this came to me while watching airplanes fall out of the sky, because I wasn’t thinking “Dear God. Thank goodness that is not me.” Nevertheless, it did. And for a moment I just lay there smiling, summing up all the great aspects of my life in my head.

That is, until my dog poked her nose in my eye and I was focussed on that for a second or two.

But the truth remains the same. I have a wonderful family which, albeit being small, feels like a warm blanket. And then there’s this beautiful guy who loves being a part of it. School is going well, I’m studying what I love. I have friends I can trust and confide in. I’m doing good health-wise. I have this dog that shows me nothing but love (in her own weird little way) and two cats that curl up next to me when I watch TV (unless when the dog wants to be in that exact spot and lies down on top of them). My days are full, and I am content.

Now tell me, How do you feel about your life?

Yay, Ascension Day!

In the midst of all the craziness that has been going on since I last blogged, I totally spaced on the fact that today is Ascension Day. Since I’m not a Christian, that doesn’t hold a lot of meaning for me, but a semi-unexpected free day is always nice! Too bad all the stores are closed, though… Otherwise I definitely would have gone shopping.

Instead, I spent the day reading in the sun and drinking iced vanilla lattes. My hope was to get a little tan going on but I should have realized that wasn’t going to happen sporting SPF 40… Oh, well.

I promised myself I wouldn’t do any schoolwork today and so far I haven’t, which is a huge accomplishment for me I’ve been a little school-obsessed lately since the semester is coming to an end, and so I made myself take the day off.

Only 34 days until I leave for Texas!

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