I originally had two challenges planned back to back, but eh, I don’t feel like it. Not that I didn’t enjoy the 30 Days of Truth Challenge (apart from the occasional moronic question, that is) but there’s so much exciting stuff going on around me that I don’t think I’ll need a challenge to keep me blogging.

After all, I’ve never been engaged. Although… I’ve been engaged on Facebook before as a joke (to the same guy, even!) but even though people seem to validate their relationships through Facebook, I don’t think that counts. Especially since we weren’t even dating at that point, ha .

Reactions have been… interesting. Not the ones from people I actually know and love, they’ve all been wonderful and enthusiastic, but I was surprised by how opinionated strangers and friends of friends can be. I’ve been asked questions like How long have you been dating, Aren’t you a little young and my personal favourite Do you think it’s wise, marrying a foreigner? And I’m like … I’m sorry, do I know you?

… People are nuts. It’s not like I’m eloping with Joseph Stalin. It’s not like we’ve only known each other for merely a week. And I’m certainly no child bride either cause, hello, I’m turning 24 in less than three months. Every time someone asks me a question like that, I have to bite my tongue from replying with something like do you think it’s wise, wearing leggings with an ass like that?

So far I have been successful in restraining myself, but I swear, one of these days

Anyway, I’m still enjoying my new engaged status. And while we’re still on the subject, here’s a picture of my ring!


I don’t like diamonds, they bore me to tears, and luckily Jay knew this and opted for my beautiful aquamarine ring which is not only a gorgeous gemstone (my favourite!), but also my birthstone .