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Just don’t know what to do with myself

Haven’t been around much… Uni has been kicking my ass eight ways to Sunday. I had 2 major finals, of which I missed one due to a concussion. I think I failed the other one. Kinda bummed me out, since I’ve been studying for it for weeks. I took the time to memorize close to 300 definitions, knew all the (what I thought was) important other stuff… And then they started asking questions like “What do [random researcher here] and [other unknown researcher] have in common?”

Who studies that way? I can understand when they’d ask it about pioneers of psychology, like Wundt or Freud or Popper. But two people who happened to publish a paper? No. I’ll remember what the important outcomes were, but not who agrees with who and why. Sad though, since failing means I’ll have to go to the resit on July 5th, and I was really hoping to be in Americaland by then. I was excited for Independence Day! Now it looks like I will have to make due with the movie and cuddling up beside my favorite space heater… Ha.

Lost in translation

While summarizing an article for my research group today I stumbled onto quite a dilemma. Some things are just very tricky to translate correctly. It all began with the word “Black”, as in “Black participants”. Now, when this term is used in U.S. you’d think I could safely assume that they are referring to African-Americans, right? Wrong. According to some wise-ass professor that needs to get a life we can’t use that term since some of the participants might be black, but not African-American. They might be simply African, or perhaps come from a long line of Aboriginals. Fair enough. However, it does create some problems. I can’t translate “Black” into the Dutch word for black, cause around here that’s pretty much the same as using the N-word. That didn’t leave me with a whole lot of other options apart from “negroid”, which is (at least so I’ve heard) incredibly offensive to call someone in English, but the same as calling someone caucasian over here. So I went the Dutch version of the word negroid. Sue me.

Then, when I was finally making some progress, I bumped onto the term “Hispanic”.

Son of a &#$%!

Same story all over again. There is no word for Hispanic in Dutch. What comes closest is the word for “Spanish”, but that refers to Spaniards and Spaniards only. There’s also no term like caucasian for it, so at that point I was ready to slam my head against my desk.

Long story short, I went with Latin-American. I’m sure someone is going to whine about it, but I don’t care. I’ll use a different word when they give me one to use that isn’t too limiting or incredibly offensive.

Man, who knew translating a simple research paper could be such a minefield?!

UPDATes all around

You know what’s funny when your kitchen, shower room and bathroom are being remodeled all at the same time? Nothing. We’re one week in and it looks like this.

I have to shower at my neighbors, flush the toilet with a bucket and oh, did I mention the dust? It’s horrible! Not to mention all the people barging in and out of my house throughout the day. Some have to ring the bell, some have their own key, so there’s no telling when you’ll be surprised by Bob the Builder in the middle of getting dressed. Yes that happened. Twice. Luckily, I have good reflexes.

They promised us it’ll just be another week, but considering it was supposed to only take a week in the first place… I don’t know. Le Sigh.

Also, I have finals February 1st and 10th. Needless to say, studying isn’t going so well.

Somebody save me!!!

take me away

Oh how I wish I could pack my bags and go on a nice, long vacation. Preferably some place warm, where the drinks are served with umbrellas in them. I would read books under a palm tree on the beach and occasionally go for a swim… Yea okay, not really. I’m scared to death of sharks. But the rest I would definitely do!

Alas, I have to stay in this weird-weathered country. Honestly, if I had to describe the weather in this country in one word, it would be bipolar. I’ve been going “It’s raining! No, suns out! Ooh, rainbow. HAIL?! Oh rain again. No, SUN!” all day long (and it’s not even 2pm). Not that I’ll be going anywhere, I have to sit my fanny down and study. And studying is turning out to be a sssllllooooww progress. I’ve missed so much classes due to being sick, being hospitalized, etc.,etc. that I’m having a tough time getting through the material. It doesn’t help that every chapter has like 8 different models for coping/learning/attribution changes in them, and I can’t for the life of me spot the differences between them. Then I’ll think to myself “They’ve probably covered this in class” and bang my head against my desk. Really, if I’d go slower I would probably be moving backwards. YARGH.

I’m having a self-pity day, can you tell?

I so want to go back to the old days.

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