This is such a tough question to answer for me, because I feel like it depends on what aspect of my life you’re looking at. For instance, school-wise, I feel about 19. After high school I started out as a Journalism student, decided I didn’t like it, studied Hebrew and Aramaic Languages and Cultures for a year, quit that, worked for a year and finally went with Psychology. I love Psychology, but I’m only in my second year. So when it comes to school, I feel a bit younger than my 22 years.

Health-wise, I feel like… oh, say… 87? With what I have it’s hard not to, at least on the days I can’t walk three steps without being out of breath. I’m hoping it will change soon, when they’ve come up with a decent treatment plan, but for now I definitely feel like an old lady on some days.

And then there’s the relationship/starting a family aspect, in which I guess I’m about 30. I want kids, and not 8 years from now, more like 3. I don’t like to go out clubbing all night and ‘hooking up’, and if a guy doesn’t feel the same way… Well I have no use for him .

So yea… Different aspects, different ages. Then again, isn’t that the case for everyone?