Month: September 2011

The DaY HAS come

Cutting off my hair today. Not all of it, obviously, but there will be a lot of hair on the floor at the hair salon this afternoon.

I’ve been growing my hair out for a year and a half now, because I was under the impression that I wanted long hair. Now that I actually have it, I realize I really don’t. Too much work goes into it making it look good, and I’m sick of it. I just don’t have to time to wash, dry and straighten it every morning, so most of the time I just pin it back and be done with it.

That, and all the expensive products I need to keep it from looking like rope are slowly bankrupting me.

It’s halfway down my back now, and in a few hours it’ll be just under my chin.

I’m excited!

all grown up

As I got up yesterday morning at 8am, following a night of not-so-heavy drinking but that still gave me a nice white wine hangover (don’t you hate those?) and put on my rain boots and poncho to go walk my dog in the rain, I finally realized: This has got to be the downside of having a dog.

Given, my mom warned me about this ever since I started nagging her for a dog since the age of.. oh, say.. 9? I managed to bribe her into letting me have cats when I was 16, but only because I was sad cause I had been sick for a long time, had to spend 2+ weeks in the hospital and repeat a year in school.

I won’t have any friends in that year!” I wailed.
To which my mom replied:“Well, what would make you feel better?
And I responded: “A cat

In my defence, she should have seen that one coming.

So I got Fi, who would later in her life be renamed Fitler because she was an evil cat, and two weeks later Max, because I convinced my mother it was cruel to have only one cat – it would get lonely.

She should have seen that one coming, too.

Two years later, after Fitler had passed, I brought home a kitten from my then-boyfriend’s farm without telling her first, with the excuse they were going to drown it (and they were really going to drown it) if we didn’t find a home for it. Of course, I didn’t look for a home for it – I wanted to keep it myself. We named it Ephram, which later became Effi when we found out that she was a girl (when Max impregnated her and she gave birth to two babies on our living room floor).

But my mother never budged when it came to letting me have a dog.

Not until I adopted Ginny in Texas, anyway. One picture and she was sold. I had the green light to bring her back with me to Holland.

And standing in the rain, hungover and tired, I realized she was right in not letting me have a dog all those years. I wouldn’t have taken care of it the way I should, and she would’ve had to step in and do it instead.

Then I realized: Dang, I’m all grown up now. Here I am, taking care of a living creature and actually managing to keep it alive, putting her needs before my own (which would be sleep…). Just one of those little reminders that you are now in fact an adult.

When was the last time something made you realize that you’re an adult?

And just like that…

I dropped a hundred bucks on underwear . I did not see this coming… I really was just looking for a decent pair of pajamas. At home I usually sleep in an old top and underwear, but I thought that might not be very appropriate sleepwear in a hospital . Couldn’t find a good pair, though, so I “settled” for underwear. It was all so pretty… I had to give it a good home!

And this is part 4 of my week of win. Before the huge underwear extravaganza, I won a raffle on Bliss, some bucks in the ‘real life’ lottery and best of all… Jay is touching down on Dutch soil barely a week from now, and will be staying about two months! Considering Plan A was for him to visit for just a week in January, Plan B is so, so much better. I can’t even find the words to express how extremely psyched I am

Holy crap, how did I get this lucky?

I never said i was smart

I spent the larger part of the morning figuring out why the F my speakers weren’t working. This included restarting my computer twice, unplugging everything and plugging it in again, vacuuming the inside, outside and surroundings of my computer & putting it back together again. All in all I spend around 2,5 hours fiddling around with it, and I still didn’t manage to fix the problem. So by the time Seb came over to watch a movie, I was pretty pissed.

Then Seb takes one look at the computer, looks pensive, and says: “I think I know what’s wrong with it.”

To which I reply, utterly relieved: “You do?

“Yes, I’ve had this happen to me once.”

“Well, can you fix it?”

“Oh, I don”t know… It’s pretty tricky, but I’ll try.”

*Seb unplugs headphones from computer*

I felt so dumb. It’s shit like this that makes me wonder how I ever made it to university. I have no idea how I managed to not notice that my headphones were plugged in, because a) I basically took my computer apart, b) managed to unplug everything else, and c) my headphones are huge.

When’s the last time you felt like a moron?

Thank you

You know you have a great best friend when he lets you try out foundation on him cause you want to buy it as a gift for a female friend who has the exact same skin tone. Especially when there are tons of people watching, and you forgot that foundation can be tested out on the palm of the hand, so you’re smearing it all over his face.

Me: What do you think, Jack?
Jack: I think he needs blush.
Seb: Fuck you, I’m pretty!


Mind you, said female friend actually put this on her wish list. It’s not like I go around giving makeup to people, gently suggesting that they need it. Those gifts are not always appreciated. I remember when my neighbor once gave me soap for my birthday. Not some luxurious shower gel – no. An honest to God bar of soap. I recall saying thank you, but I also recall that in my mind I was going “Do I smell bad? Are my hands dirty? Am I… etc.” (Turned out she gave me the soap with the best of intentions. She knew I love everything that has a green apple scent, and this was the only thing she could find. Oh, and she also gave me a gift card for a bookstore.)

Which makes me wonder… Have you ever gotten a gift you were secretly (or openly) offended by?

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