Month: March 2011

I love my friends

“If there is one art form that makes me cake to the banks of boredom like a yawning hippo, it’s poetry.”
– Seb.

I’m so grateful for friends who randomly blurt out brilliant things like this. The irony is that it’s kind of poetic, non?

Lost in translation

While summarizing an article for my research group today I stumbled onto quite a dilemma. Some things are just very tricky to translate correctly. It all began with the word “Black”, as in “Black participants”. Now, when this term is used in U.S. you’d think I could safely assume that they are referring to African-Americans, right? Wrong. According to some wise-ass professor that needs to get a life we can’t use that term since some of the participants might be black, but not African-American. They might be simply African, or perhaps come from a long line of Aboriginals. Fair enough. However, it does create some problems. I can’t translate “Black” into the Dutch word for black, cause around here that’s pretty much the same as using the N-word. That didn’t leave me with a whole lot of other options apart from “negroid”, which is (at least so I’ve heard) incredibly offensive to call someone in English, but the same as calling someone caucasian over here. So I went the Dutch version of the word negroid. Sue me.

Then, when I was finally making some progress, I bumped onto the term “Hispanic”.

Son of a &#$%!

Same story all over again. There is no word for Hispanic in Dutch. What comes closest is the word for “Spanish”, but that refers to Spaniards and Spaniards only. There’s also no term like caucasian for it, so at that point I was ready to slam my head against my desk.

Long story short, I went with Latin-American. I’m sure someone is going to whine about it, but I don’t care. I’ll use a different word when they give me one to use that isn’t too limiting or incredibly offensive.

Man, who knew translating a simple research paper could be such a minefield?!


I am now 23 years old. DANG time goes by so fast. Only two days ago I was 22… Ha.

I had some people over on Sunday, and instead of cake there was this:


Some (very untraditional) Tapas. We made them ourselves, and by “we” I mean my mom, me, and two friends that came over in the afternoon and therefor got assigned Tapas duty… That’s how we roll. You come early, you help cook. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was an official Jewish law.

The Tapas were a bitch to make, since almost all of the people who came over had SOMETHING they didn’t eat. One doesn’t eat fish, then there’s one who’s vegetarian, another one doesn’t eat chicken and on and on and on (actually, that was it but I like to exaggerate from time to time), so we had to make something of everything and pray to our Lord and Saviour Barbra Streisand there was at least something for everyone to enjoy. Which, luckily, there was, so we didn’t have to open a can of cat food for someone who didn’t like anything on the menu. Score.

I got everything I asked for, which I’m ashamed to say was money since I don’t really need anything apart from a ticket to Texas. So far I’d saved up 300 Euro, which is a nice amount if you’re going shoe-shopping but doesn’t really get you far plane-wise – unless you’re planning to fly with Crashalot Air. I’m scared shitless of flying as it is, so I’d much rather spend 15 hours on a plane that doesn’t start to fall apart as soon as it lifts off. And my birthday money brought me a lot further than the 300 bucks, so maybe that dream will come true!

Now it’s back to my schoolwork, which got delayed by all the birthday fun… Oy vey. Wish me luck!

I feel special

… Not in a mentally challenged kind of way, just to clarify. No, I was returning comments and visitedAdrian’s blog. I was so flattered by what he wrote and tried to return his comment, but somehow I couldn’t get it to work… Boo. So, Adrian, if you’re reading this, thanks! And I’ll put you in my dailies since I love your blog!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play Pokemon Black and make tapas for a buttload of people.

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