Month: October 2010

Change of plans

So instead of enjoying myself at the Halloween party thrown by a few of the foreign students, I ended up watching a baseball game with J. last night. I did stop by the party with S., but since the theme of the party seemed to be ‘how much drugs can we do in one night’ we left after 15 minutes. It was only 7.30 or something when we got there, and there were already people passed out on the floor… Geez. I’m not ignorant, I know some students come to the Netherlands because certain ‘stuff’ (pun intended) is legal here, but LSD and cocaine? Yea, not legal here, either. Since neither S. nor me felt like watching people getting high, we made a beeline for the door. We went for a drink, but since S. was dressed like a mummy and Holland doesn’t do Halloween, it felt a bit awkward… so we both just went home. I bought a top-rated portable heater for my room and I just wanted to cosy up and relax beside it..

That said, I ended up having a blast watching San Francisco play Texas . ESPN has made me realize I was born in the wrong country, sports-wise. I will probably get arrested for calling it this, but soccer? Eh, *shrugs*. Tennis? No thank you. Ice hockey, Football & Baseball? Yes please! Some rules I don’t understand because I didn’t grow up with it (like when I asked J. last night why the pitcher threw the ball in the wrong direction… ), but overall I can keep up and I love them. I’m also a big fan of the crowd footage… At least seeing poop-stick (aka George Bush) swaying from side to side mumbling the words to God Bless America with a stoned look on his face had me laughing (I’m European, I’m allowed).

So yea, my plans fell through but I ended up having a great time, anyway! And tonight is ‘date night’. It’s almost like J.’s here, and not 5174.21 miles away (yes, I googled that) . I hope you all have a great Halloween!

Updates all around

  1. I’ll be admitted to the hospital around November 22nd. After my cardiologist went over my test results, she called me to set up a Plan of Action. We’ll be trying out some medication, and since my blood pressure is a joke, she wants to monitor me closely during this. If all goes well, I’ll only be staying for 3-4 days.
  2. I now have a portfolio, that can be found here. There’s not much in it, yet. But it’s there.
  3. I’m starting a new project. Information can be found here. Unlike the 30 Days Challenge, this will not be a daily thing. I’ll try to answer at least one of them every week. Could be more, though. We’ll see!

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